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Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of this population by working with the EKAM USA chapter. The organization strives to raise awareness and funds in order to deliver comprehensive healthcare regardless of patients’ financial situations. We aspire to decrease the infant and maternal mortality rates in rural communities where access to quality health infrastructure is limited. Our raised funds will be sourced towards equipment maintenance and induction, logistical support, training local health professionals and community empowerment workshops.

How You Can Help

We will serve UTD by informing EKAM’s cause, motives and actions so that students are better equipped to financially, emotionally and socially support this underprivileged community. By hosting EKAM conferences and guest speaker events, we help students better understand the club’s efforts, past and upcoming projects/campaigns, and possible ways to assist in networking with the EKAM USA chapter in Dallas. Through events, including local and international volunteer opportunities, fundraising campaigns, and awareness meetings, we encourage students to get involved in the EKAM mission.

We all have this innate capacity to love unconditionally and give without expecting

Dr. Sai Lakshmi, Founder of EKAM

Meet The Team

Reshma Soundharrajan



Ananya Desai


Charukesi Sivakumar



Devi Veerappan

Event Coordinator


Christy Chang



Anjali Pillai

Fundraising Chair